The mission of the Pike County All Wars Museum is about establishing and maintaining a collection of military artifacts in a manner that not only preserves their value, but represents the many stories of sacrifice, heroism, and reality regarding war and the true cost of freedom.

The early efforts of the Pike County All Wars Museum started in the fall of 2014, and members began to meet monthly in the spring of 2015. By the fall of 2015 the Pike County All Wars Museum was making great strides in their renovation efforts of the building from the ground up. Renovations included rewiring, replacing 20% of the floor joists, a new floor in the exhibit room among many other repairs. The Pittsfield Rotary Club donated money and man hours during the extension renovation. They were instrumental in the installation of new drywall not only in the office, but in the showroom and exhibit exteriors as well.

Artifacts currently at the museum date back to the American Civil War through current conflicts in the Middle East.

The Museum, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is accepting artifact donations or loans. Items in the museum can be used for display, educational, genealogical, or research purposes. All artifact and monetary donations are tax-exempt.

The Pike County All Wars Museum is seeking:

Items used, owned, or associated with Pike County residents

Service photographs of Pike County veterans

American military uniforms and other items from service

Items associated with the “Home Front” during major American wars